Mural Project Planning

Planning a mural project as part of an economic development strategy for tourism, for example, takes considerable research and a dedicated group of people to initiate.  From a tourism perspective, the painting of the murals is the easy, fun part, and often the least expensive aspect of the entire plan.  It is, however, a long-term commitment that requries long-term planning to maintain.  It should also be looked upon as a springboard for your community to grow on.

Here we will offer some ideas around how to start working on a plan and gathering the man-power and financial resources.  Keeping your project unique and using creative tools to market, will make it more attractive to "investors" as it is, afterall, a partnership activity that serves the larger community.   Comments and ideas are gleaned from interaction with many other communities, successes and failures, and offered as a starting point for your own discussion. 

Chemainus remains one of the most successful projects of its kind, some 25 years later.  We have learned, through trial and error those things that have worked here, but may not be the answer for another town.   Creative problem solving serves as inspiration that we can apply to many other challenges in developing a programme of success for our community. 

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Constance Greig-Manning is a former muralist and worked as a volunteer for the Festival of Murals for 4 years, serving 2 as President.   Developing fund-raising events, hiring and training students, publishing a mural book, and preparing grants were part of the ever-evolving tasks of the volunteer positions.