The Art of Making Murals

The lure of murals comes from watching the "process" of creation.  While the final images evoke memories and pride in one's history or personal experiences, involvement in seeing those memories come to life, and meeting the artists themselves, bonds the viewer to the mural in a different way.

Each community has established their own " business plan" around the mural production.  In this section, the process of the mural creation through the artist's perspective will be examined. 

The mural creation example that will be used here (Mural #31 - 10th anniversary mural) was one of the first attempts by the Chemainus Festival of Murals to enable the artist to have more input into the final design.  While actual photos had been the inspiration of earlier works, this competition required the short list of artists to develop their concepts from a package of resource materials which included historical photos, written background material, and information and specs about the location where the mural would be painted (photo + drawing indicating elevations, exposure, etc).  The artists were not limited to using just the background materials in the package; they simply served as resource. 

The process, from original submission of artist materials to the competition, and a visual documentation of the mural painting itself will be presented.  Check back soon to see the first installment- Developing the concept.


Some information on Mural Project Planning, from an Administrative viewpoint will be offered here.

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